Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Plugs, air filter, rear brakes

The plugs are good. I've cleaned and gaped them. Since they were out I did a compression test:
1: 145 psi
2: 160 psi
3: 155 psi
4: 132.5 psi

There is a substantial difference between cyl. 2 and 4 but i t is less than the critical 25%.

I have refreshed the threads on the manifold and added a stud. I have also refresh the threads on the existing stud.

Prepped the air cleaner...

... cleaned, oiled and installed.

The air cleaner was touching the starter relay; I have reversed it and cut the unwanted bracket under it.
Surprise, it is a 6V relay; it works though.

I will get some hardware to hold the battery down, but if it moves the housing of the relay prevents the positive post to touch the air filter.

I have tightened the line onto the rear left cylinder, but the leak did not stop. The reason being that the thread was cross-threaded previously.

Found a seal that was probably cut from a windshield washer hose (Not straight)

Put an original seal but... 

... unfortunately the leak did not stop due to the damage thread. I will have to remove the cylinder and try to salvage the thread with a tap.

 I've cleaned the brakes and tuned them. The brake cylinders were free also.

 Another surprise: The hardware holding one shoe on the right side was missing.

Went to Carquest to pick up a kit.

By adding a washer on the back, this hardware works great.

Both sides are done.


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